Check Out All the Fun We Have Been Having in STEM Lab!

This year is flying by! I just can’t believe it is March and we are entering the last quarter of the school year. Thank you to all the parents who have joined us in the STEM Lab to help. This is so appreciated by myself and the students!
Here is what we have been doing over the past nine weeks in the STEM Lab!

Kindergarten has been very busy! We began our study of physical properties of matter with looking at materials to see if they were pliable, if they would sink or float, and comparing weight. We then moved into rocks. What a fun unit to explore, sort, and study rocks and minerals. Our last unit of the quarter is my personal favorite! Studying living and nonliving. The students had a squirmy, wormy time while observing earthworms. Very proud of how gentle the students were while we look to see how earthworms reacted to light and water!

First grade started out learning about light and shadows. We began by making shadow puppets and seeing how shadows worked as we moved closer and further away from a light source. We also took a day and compared light sources and the shadows they made (or couldn’t make!) We then moved into our unit on plants. We studied all plant parts by visiting the gardens and gathering leaves, stems, flowers, roots, and seeds and then using digital microscopes to look at them up close. The students enjoyed this so much. It didn’t take long for them to discover other things in the room at a microscopic level! We then planted seeds. These seeds will be grown at school and once it warms up the students will transfer them into the school gardens!

Second grade has spent this entire quarter exploring celestial bodies. We began by studying our closest star, the sun! We made sundials and saw how due to the rotation of the earth shadows change and therefore we can make a clock. We then moved to other stars and learned about constellations. One of the student’s favorite activities was using an app on the iPad called Skyview. We also had a great time learning about phases of the moon using Oreos!

Third grade learned all about regions of Georgia. We researched, designed, and created animals of Georgia. We also painted large maps of Georgia to see the regions. The animals have been placed on the region in which the animals lives. We also enjoyed a visit from Michael Khale with the Cobb Watershed Authority. He did wonderful activities with the students and even brought in a native snake for the students. Finally we moved into animal adaptations. We learned about how animals adapt to their habitat and what is available to eat. We had a lot of fun with a bird beak activity in which the students used different items to see if they could pick up seeds, algae, worms, fish, and nectar.

Fourth Grade began the New Year by studying how light travels. The students used projectors, mirrors, and targets to change the direction of light. They also used convex and concave lens and prisms. We then moved to sound with an exciting STEM project called “Block out the Monsters”. Students made mufflers to block out the sound of monster trucks. They did a great job designing and building these ear mufflers! We then moved into celestial bodies. The students have worked on orbital paths and how that effects seasons and moon phases. We have learned about constellations by making starfinders, using a fabulous app called Skyview. And making constellation viewfinders with pringles cans. The students really enjoyed using Skyview app; it is a great way to see which stars, constellations, and planets are visible in the night sky!

Fifth grade worked on electricity, magnets, and electromagnets since the New Year! We started out with the most basic electricity..STATIC. They had a great time exploring with balloons, cereal, combs, and gelatin! We then moved into circuits and even were able to light bulbs with the circuits they created. They really enjoyed using snap circuits within the STEM Lab. These allowed the students to devise circuit to power lights, alarms, music, and a flying saucer. We also learned about conductors and insulators by actually setting up a circuit and seeing if materials let the electricity “flow”! The students also saw how lemons and potatoes could be used as power for a clock. Finally we spent time learning about magnets and creating electromagnets. Such a great unit! We look forward to our next unit with cells.

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