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I am so excited to begin a new year here in the STEM Lab!  We are going to be doing lots of great science and STEM projects this year!  We will still need lots of recycleables to complete many projects so start saving bottles, boxes, pringles cans, paper towel rolls, etc!  Look to begin signing up for volunteer opportunities in September!  We love parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to come help us!

Here is what grade levels will be working on in the first quarter:

Kindgergarten:  We will be studying animals.  We will be comparing and contrasting all creatures in the animal kingdom.  This unit will end with a fun STEM project of students creating their own animal!

First:  We will be studying weather!  Students will study clouds, make weather instruments, and finally make a weather proof house!

Second: We will be studying states of matter.  We have so much fun exploring properties of solids, liquids, and gases!  We complete this unit by making bubblewands as our STEM project and testing them with homemade bubbles!

Third:  We begin the year studying rocks and minerals.  Students will test minerals and discover which minerals they have!  We also make excavators as out STEM project and they see how many minerals they can extract from a chocolate chip cookie!

Fourth grade:  We begin the year by studying water and weather.  We do some great water tension experiements so that we can really understand the properties of water.  We then move into weather studying clouds, hurricanes, and tyrpes of weather instruments.  We are hoping to get a very special meterologist to come visit this year!  More details to come!

Fifth grade:  Constructive and destructive forces is our first quarter study!  It is so interesting and all hands on!  Students will learn about earhtquakes by constructing earhtquake proof structures, study lava viscosity, make dams, levees, and jetty’s. 


I look forward to working with each one of your children this year and helping them to LOVE science!

Catherine Mills



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