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First Grade Studies Tools of Weather

First graders were meterologist this week as they studied the various tools that are used to study and predict weather. We had a great time reading thermometers, anemometers, rain gauges, and making clouds out of shaving cream!

Celebrating 25 Years!

We all enjoyed The Science Machine for our 25th Anniversary Celebration! Ask your student what their favorite experiment was!

Fifth Graders are Studying Earthquakes!

The last lessons in STEM Lab have been amazing.  I hope your students have shared with you all the terrific science they are learning!  WE have learned about faults by using graham crackers and icing!  This week we leanred morre about earhtquakes.  We then make earthquake proof structures which we tested on a bed of wiggly jello. Many students were hoping to see the whole Nova video at home so here is a link to the video we watched a snipet from:

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