Novelis Brings Magic of Science to 5th Graders

Fifth graders enjoyed Novelis visit on Friday.  They enjoyed wathcing and participating in many science experiments including using liquid nitrogen to freese bananas, flowers, and racket balls!  The students then were able to smash the frozen materials!  We also learned about magnets, electricity, states of matter, and the perodic table of elements! 



Join us in the STEM Lab! Sign up for Jan/Feb. times with your child’s class!

I would love you to come in and help your child’s class in the STEM lab!  Here are the links by grade level!  Look forward to seeing you soon!












4th Graders Build Vehicles

4th Graders are currently studying force and motion. As part of this unit they design and build cars. We test falling weight systems, load bearing vehicles, and work with rubber band powered vehicles (potential and kinetic energy). We have had a great time and look forward to building a catapult and working with simple machines in the upcoming weeks!



5th Graders Make a Snack Sorter

Our 5th graders are currently studying physical and chemical changes. For our STEM project we decided to make snack sorters. Sorting is a physical change so it gave the students one more hands on way to see physical changes and an amazing way to use their creativity to make a sorter!

5th grade sorterVideo Maker

Sensory Gardens!

Kindergarten recently planted the beds outside the STEM lab in the courtyard.  We chose plants that used all 5 senses; including pansies, cabbage, lettuce, many herbs, and chinese lantern plants.  It looks beautiful due to the expertise of the students!!


4th grade Force and Motion

Thank you to Mr. Wickline for taking some amazing pictures of Ms. Guay’s class in the STEM Lab! Enjoy!

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