Owl Pellets!

owl pelletsVideo Maker

Eating Nails for Breakfast!

Third Graders did an Eating Nails for Breakfast activity!  Trying to see how much iron they could pull out of cereal!

Eating Nails for Breakfast! Cereal IronVideo Maker

4th Grade plays games to learn about the food web!

Fourth grade is now learning about ecosystems.  They will be doing fun games over the next few weeks as learn about Foodweb/chain,  producers, consumers, and decomposers, and protective adaptations.  Check out our fun below as we learned about the cycle of predetor/prey relationships!

Thank you for the Staff Luncheon

Thank you to our wonderful parents and PTA for the delicious Staff  Luncheon.  The food and company were such a treat! 

Cobb County Science Fair and Science Olympiad

3rd grade has fun with magnets!

In Science Lab third graders are discovering magnets!  We are looking at how they attract and repel.  We also are measuring how strong different magnets are as they use a ruler to see at which mm the paperclip is pulled to magnets.  We also discovered that some magnets can go through blocks as thick as 5 cm!

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