Welcome to the STEM Lab!

I am so excited to be starting another great year at Shallowford Falls Elementary!   What an amazing school. We are going to hit the ground running in the STEM lab.  Here is what your children are doing the first weeks of school.

Kindergarten will begin visiting on Thursdays!  They will be looking at “Tools of Science” and learning what scientists do!  The weeks after that they will be studying mothers and their offspring!  We will be doing many fun games for these standards!

First grade will begin visiting on Thursdays!  We will be doing using the “Tools of Science”.  We will be using thermometers, spring scales, pipettes, and other important science tools!  In the weeks following we will be doing water and weather activities!  Including making houses to see if their designs will hold up to strong winds (hairdryer).  I can’t wait to see their creativity!

Second Grade will begin visiting the science lab on Tuesday August 12th!  They will be visiting every Tuesday.  The first lesson will be a “Tools of Science” and we will use thermometers, scales to place items from heaviest to lightest, and pipettes.  In the weeks following we will be doing a leaf chromatography where we will discover that those beautiful fall colors are always there just disguised by the green chlorophyll.

Third grade will be visiting the science lab every Monday.  We will start off the first lab with a STEM Challenge building the tallest.  In the upcoming weeks we will act as scientists as we do experiments on minerals to discover ; “Which mineral is it?

Fourth grade will be visitng the science lab every Wednesday.  We will begin the year working with water.  We will ask  the question, “How does a water stryder float on water?”   We will then do water tension experiments.   In the coming weeks we will be doing weather experiments and making weather instruments.

Fifth grade will be on Friday each week.  We will begin the year with a STEM challenge.  In the upcoming weeks we will be doing experiments to better understand constructive and destructive forces.  I am looking forward to teaching faults with graham crackers and icing!


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