First Graders Build Duck Shelters

First Graders used the engineering design process to build duck shelter. These very special structures had to be able to withstand rain (watering can)  and strong winds (hairdryer).  We had a great time building and making changes to improve designs!

duck shelterVideo Maker

Math Night is September 23rd!


 Please Join Us

        Tuesday, Sept. 23rd from 6-7:30 pm

          Classroom Activities
Competitive Math Games for Students & Parents

               *Prizes, Prizes, Prizes*

5th graders Learn about Earthquakes!

Fifth graders had a great time learning about plate technonics and earthquakes this week in the STEM Lab.  The fifth graders then went through the engineering design process to build Earthquake structures!  They had 20 toothpicks and 5 mini marshmallowsto use.  The structures had to be a minimum of 5 inches tall and make it through an earthquake.   There were many creative designs!

earthquake structuresVideo Maker

Join us in the STEM lab!

Come see what the students of Shallowford Falls are doing in the STEM lab with Mrs. Mills!  We always welcome volunteers!  Here are links to sign up for each grade level:












 We can’t wait to see you!



States of Matter with Second Grade

Our second graders have been studying states of matter!  What better way to learn about liquids and gases than bubbles!! Our second graders are designing and creating bubble wands so that they may too be able to harness a gas inside of a liquid! What amazing creations!

bubblemakersVideo Maker

Third Graders Discover Minerals

Third graders are studying minerals in the STEM Lab.  They are currently testing minerals to discover which mineral they have.  They are using streak, hardness, magnetism, luster, and light tests to discover minerals.


mineralsVideo Maker

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